An Imbalanced Happiness

June 14, 2015 at 12:48 pm

Anyone who has dabbled even a little with cooking knows a thing or two about the art of balancing a dish, a bit of sourness to fix something that is a little too sweet, or a dash of salt to heighten a dish that isn’t. Even someone who has never set their foot inside a kitchen will find this sense of balance hardwired in their daily choices when they casually order sweet cookies to go with bitter coffee or squeeze lime over spicy chaat to create that perfect balance in taste – Umami (“pleasant savory taste” in Japanese). This common knowledge we have with cooking misses the target when it comes to living a balanced life as no one in their right mind will add bitterness into their happy day to create balance. But must we?

BalanceMain Penthrall

Image Courtesy: Colin Harris  ADE

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